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Frequently Asked QUestions

How much does it cost to rent the room for an event?

For all events, the banquet rooms are rented out for a minimum of four (4) hours. See Rental Rate sheet for details. After the four (4) hour minimum, there will be an additional room charge of $200 per hour for half the venue, and $400 per hour for the full venue. Please also consider the time your party will need for setup and cleanup which will have an additional charge of $150 per hour.

The rental fee includes a dedicated event concierge at your event and limited audio/visual equipment (DVD, VHS, built-in screen, built-in projector, cable television, Comcast digital radio, wireless internet, wireless mic, podium with mic, podium, white board, laptop, piano-quality keyboard, and tables and chairs).

Yes, we have a dance floor and stage available to rent at an additional cost. See Rental Rate sheet for details. We provide tables and chairs but do not provide linens for table setup.

A non-refundable/non-transferable advance deposit is required to hold any and all dates. Client must make payment of deposit and return fully signed confirmation to the Drake Centre. Failure to comply with contracting deadlines will result in release of any and all held date(s).

The customer is required to finalize their event at least thirty (30) days prior to the event date. After that, any changes to the event contract will be subject to an additional charge.

Room capacity is based on event type and room set-up with spaces/accommodations for up to 600 guests; all numbers are subject to change depending upon the individual room set-up. Please contact the Event Coordinator for details.

Yes. Please include all time needed before and/or after your event in your total reserved time slot.

Drake Centre requires all customers and their guests to be out of the building at midnight (12:00 am). Events must end by 11:00 pm in order for you to complete your clean up and exit by 12:00 am. If event cleanup will take longer, please prepare to end your event sooner.

Yes. Drake Centre does not have an in-house caterer. Please choose from the list of Approved Caterers.

All caterers are welcome to provide their service information to the Drake Centre’s Event Coordinator. Information such as liability insurance should be provided as well as contact information. If approved they will be added to the Approved Caterers listing.

Yes. All events must use an approved vendor that has an alcoholic beverage license. Drake Centre does not provide this service.


Cancellations must be submitted in writing via letter, fax, or email. If client cancels the event more than 45 days prior to the event, client will be entitled to a refund of all fees. If client cancels more than 7 days before, but less than 45 days prior to the event, client will be entitled to a refund of one-half of fees. If client cancels less than 7 days prior to the event, client will not be entitled to a refund.

The client’s ability to reschedule a contracted event is at the sole discretion of Drake Centre management and cannot be guaranteed. If a reschedule is permitted, it will be treated as a cancellation of the existing event arrangements. Previous payments, as described under “Cancellations” above, will not be credited to the rescheduled event, but will be retained by Drake Centre as payment for the reschedule. The client will be responsible for paying the standard rental rate(s)/fees and/or other applicable charges for the new rescheduled date.

No. There is no charge for parking around the Drake Centre. However, there are several business & residential parking lots and structures adjacent to the Drake Centre which may have certain restrictions, and we encourage you and your guests to familiarize yourself with any signage.

Yes, the Drake Centre allows use of the Tavern at youth oriented events. However, liability insurance must be provided and a security guard must be present. Parties will be responsible for hiring a security guard.

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